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Weekly positions monitoring a step back to good tune _ strategy

Chung Lufund research center,Moncler, Chung Lu fund research center position measurement results show ,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com,this period ( 2010-10-01 ? 2010-10-15) within a sample of open partial stock funds ( including the stock type fund and hybrid funds ,excluding QDII and index funds ) the average position since early ( 2010-09-20 ~ 2010-09-29 ) 79.
22%, down 4.4 percentage points to 74.82% .And in September 29, 2010 a position measurement results show that ,within a sample of open-end fund is 79.22% ,Fund positions tracking analysis of position of low rise _ strategy report _ sina finance _ sina.com,relatively early days increased 1.
33 percentage points .During the national day, the weakness of the dollar ,yen unexpectedly cut interest rates, and the domestic real estate control policies in the policy observation period of favorable factors ,promote market rises considerably .
Prev 6 trading day rises 11.88% ,was up 13.36% ,and the open-end funds and fund contrarian Jiancang , great shift of the universe come out .According to the Lu fund research center position measurement results ,open partial shares in the fund Jiancang very obvious signs of recent ,in the middle of September opening at the end of the month to fund began ,after the peak period ,this period positions decreased obviously .
Type classification, this period the average stock fund positions for 79.95% ,relatively early days rises 5.13 percentage points ,mixed type fund average shipping space is 68.55% ,Moncler Jacket,relatively early days drops 3.
61 points .According to the dynamic positions ,monitoring results ,Doudoune Moncler,351 partial shares fund, there are only 101 choices of opening ,there are only 241 choice Jiancang ,choose Jiancang fund and the choice of opening fund proportion exceeds 2:1 .
At the end of nine when compared with ,choose the fund Jiancang proportion increases above 30% ,indicating that the fund investment behavior on the convergence and turning .From the fund products, the presence of signs of opening mainly has: the dividend value of the golden eagle ,the core of Chinese blue-chip ,Agricultural Bank Agricole strategic value ,Agricultural Bank Agricole industry growth ,Fu competitive selection ,Celestica Yongding growth ,Woman and young veterans killed diving to save,Moncler Pas Cher,investment industry leading ,Thai letter quality of life ,the Chinese rich strategy selection ,resource optimization ,Nord grew up in Morocco advantage of Chinese growth ,etc.
.This period has sell sign are: the central new blue-chip ,Soochow new economy ,Chinese advantage of growth ,financing demand driven ,Castrol growth ,Moncler Outlet,Golden Eagle constituent stocks preferred ,Kim won-than value growth ,people silver brand of blue-chip ,Dacheng innovation growth ,Dacheng wealth management 2020 ,Kim won-than core power ,Penghua selection growth the advantage ,Naganobu Koto .
From sell base characteristics,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, most early outstanding funds significantly reduced ,especially the earlier small-cap style clear fund ,to some extent in the current market two eight market, the fund has begun to transfer warehouse operation .
From Paul fund research center mainly pays attention to the fund,Moncler Outlet, the overwhelming majority of the fund company this period are chosen ?? .This period ?? obviousmainly has: the easy ,Dacheng ,Soochow ,the south ,the scenery along the Great Wall ,bank ,Societe Generale ,fidelity ,Castrol ,HSBC Jin Xin ,China ,Huaan ,fidelity ,financing ,Penghua ,Yinhua etc.
.This period exist apparent opening mainly have :Fu ,merchants ,nature ,www.moncleroutletboutique.com,Thai ,Shen million Paris .From the fund size ,addition and subtraction warehouse range analysis, the size of the fund company appeared more ??fund,small-cap stocks lasted more than a year of the market, making early 80% fund style obviously biased towards small ,at this time, the fund Jiancang that keep step with the present fund company on the market shortly after the trend in higher the consistency of the judgment .
National day after the Shanghai Composite Index and the stock market ,the upsurge of enthusiasm to stimulate the market ,the Shanghai Composite Index from 2573 has quickly climbed to 2971 ,the future rise space how ,from the public offering of the fund how much strength ?The future of public offering fund power-assisted hand from the existing stock of capital from stock market small-cap stocks to the transfer ,on the other hand is the new capital injection .
Position measurement display ,the fund has already begun to transfer warehouse operation .In addition ,from the new capital ,in September a total of 13 new fund ,the new fund collects 30575000000, if removed from the 2 QDII funds ,there are 29152000000 ,the size of the raise beyond a few months before the average level .
By the end of October 15th, October has been set up with the funds notice issued a total of 11 ,according to the last month 2352000000 copies of the single fund average size of the raise ,October public offering of the fund new capital of at least 25800000000 ,fund raising scale up, not only shows the current market sentiment optimistic ,and stable funding sources to reduce the market fluctuation ,locking down space .
Sina: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information transmission purposes ,And Kitty rescued drowning woman to death for rescuing the d,does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description .The contents for reference purposes only ,does not constitute investment advice .

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College Students Donate stem cells to save patients with leukemi

Shang Yongjie in order to save other people's lives are proud of yesterday morning, Zhongmu college student village official Shang Yongjie in the provincial people's hospital to donate hematopoietic stem cells.
In the afternoon,Moncler, stem cells were flown to Shanghai,www.doudounemonclereshop.com,Fund company purchased from the enlightenment to v, to save a life at the age of 23 leukemia patients.Evening news reporter Liu Lu Zhao Xiaohu correspondent Liu Changsuo / map, Shang Yongjie lived in Zhongmu County Justice Bureau, at the beginning of 2008, after a rigorous examination and investigation,Moncler Outlet, he came to Hansi town ash Guo Cuncheng a part-time college students village official, deputy party secretary.
"In 1998 I began donating blood, waiting for the donation hematopoietic stem cell has been a long time since last year in the city, the Red Cross for sampling, every once in a while,Moncler Jacket, I will ask when they can donate.
"Shang Yongjie said, in March this year,The two quarter of 2012 fund investment strategy a debt of t,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com, suddenly received a Red Cross staff call,www.moncleroutletboutique.com, call his hematopoietic stem cells and Shanghai at the beginning of a leukemia patients with success."Really want to donate, I didn't tell anyone,Financial engineering weekly series - fund positio,Doudoune Moncler, is very calm.
"Shang Yongjie says.Yesterday,Moncler Pas Cher, the provincial Red Cross secretary-general Cao Yongze represents the Chinese bone marrow bank Henan branch were written "the 157th" and "the 1771st" honorary certificate and medal to Shang Yongjie love you.
Shang Yongjie became the fourth cases in Zhongmu, Zhengzhou City,Moncler Outlet, sixty-eighth cases of hematopoietic stem cell donors.He told reporters, donation process is not painful.Through the separator in vivo hematopoietic stem cell separation and extraction, process and blood as usual.

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5 years construction workers to raise money for th

50 construction workers fell on my way to work......Nanfang Daily News (reporter / Tang Kaifeng) he is five years old, in order to raise money for the mother to treat, a year ago, he went to work in Guangzhou.
Yesterday morning, the construction worker because of overwork, sudden death on my way to work.In order to treat mother work his name is Li Sifu,Security fund investment strategy report the fourth quarter of 2009 _ strategy r,Moncler Pas Cher, from Hunan, just turned 50 years old this year.Understanding of his fellow know,Moncler Outlet, every day, he is from Guangzhou, Fangcun rental housing to set out, riding a bicycle on the opposite side of the river, to Foshan building site to work, "he mean what one says, is a tough man.
"Frequently traveling with Li Sifu Ho said, Li Sifu goes to work the road about 3 km, there are a lot of uphill, but he never push, are bicycle rushed.Li Sifu is known for "the peacemaker"."Any dispute, everyone looking for Li old big, advise advised on the right.
"Workmate told reporters, Li Sifu L, in the villager has credibility, site where the villagers if conflict,Moncler Outlet, Li Sifu will take the initiative to help to solve.Li Sifu was a famous dutiful son.Number of worker told the reporter, Li Sifu's mother has been more than 80 years old, sick in bed.
In 2010, in order to make money to the old mother's medical treatment, Li Sifu and his son came to Guangzhou to work, home and left his wife to take care of his mother."In order to cure his mother's disease, he earns each month how many how many.
"A help Li Sifu send money boy called Li Sifu,old man Sun Ruilin h,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, a month can earn 2000 multivariate, are generally sent home 1600 yuan, also often asked the wife to the old mother money not province.Suspected overwork death however, Li Sifu tired of lying in the Qingming Festival morning.
"To the top when, his people and cars fell."Yesterday morning at six thirty, janitor Laohe watched in front of Li Sifu collapsed in the sand the end of Bridge Slope -- the junction sign.Ho quickly came, found Li Sifu and twitch,Unlicensed drivers traveling thousands of miles to bury father police warmth processing, facial black, the workers immediately phoned 120 emergency telephone,Doudoune Moncler, however,www.moncleroutletboutique.com, when the ambulance arrived at the scene,Moncler Jacket, Li Sifu is already dead.
Yesterday, Li Sifu's friends and relatives in the burning incense and worship, will Li Sifu's body with a blanket cover, and a funeral car.According to his introduction,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com, in order not to let Li Sifu's son too sad, Ho, workers insisted that Li Sifu to the funeral home to inform him.
Initial police investigation, finds Li Sifu to death.According to the police, after the forensic identification, the deceased did not have cardiovascular disease, possibly because of overwork leads to sudden death.
His tears eat Qingming cake yesterday morning,the product of accum,Moncler,Disabled men through the network to raise 100000 y, Li Sifu's bicycle head is hung with red plastic bags, plastic bags filled with him the day before yesterday, just do the Qingming cake.The qingming festival do Qingming cake is Li Sifu a custom home.
Janitors, Chen told reporters, construction workers holiday Qingming Festival not only, as usual at the site of labor.Li Sifu at the site in the oldest,In 2011 4 quarter of the fund rating analysis _ strategy report _ sina finance _, in order to let everyone have a day, the day before yesterday, he promised to do the workers stick, then brought to the site to eat together.

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Liver failure man respectively by the wife and sis

The newspaper news (reporter Liu Ruiche Cai Min correspondent Cai Xiong Tian Juan Deng Guohuan) Hunan Yongzhou 48 old man Wu Yanlin, due to liver failure in life "countdown"; critical juncture, his wife and her sister were on his behalf for left lobe and right lobe of liver.
Yesterday, 6 months after the operation, "two liver male" Wu Yanlin in his wife and sister accompanied by, Tongji Hospital review back.Last September 23rd, Wu Yanlin due to advanced liver cirrhosis,Moncler Jacket, liver failure, traveled from Hunan to the organ transplantation center waiting for liver transplantation.
Liver source was available, at any time to have life danger.His wife Miss Xia anxious to find a doctor: "can the relative transplantation?".The doctor assured her that,Moncler, ",Moncler Outlet!If matches the success."Ms. Xia is cheating on her husband to do matching,Two quarter of the fund positions slightly decreased consumption to regain favor _ strategy report _, succeeded.
However, the doctor told her: "your liver volume too small, give half of it to your husband is not enough; cut is too large, you may have life danger.Heard of the matter, Wu Yanlin's sister said: "I'm a piece of liver".
His other two sister,Move round the industry fund carefully distinguish root are the Baise _ strategy report _ sina finan, brother-in-law and Wu Yanlin's sons were 7 relatives were rushing to do matching.After examination, the doctor feels that the elder sister is the most suitable candidate.Wu elder sister is 59 years old this year, because of the habit,Doudoune Moncler, feared that his liver was not healthy enough.
The test results came out, she happily with the Hunan Flower Drum Opera singing one day: "my liver is really beautiful."In November 8th last year,August TOT highlight the private monthly performan, Wu Yanlin was sent to operation room,www.moncleroutletboutique.com, wife of the left hepatic and sister right hepatic implanted into his body.
Doctor professor Chen Xiaoping introduction,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com, "two" for a liver transplant in the central region has no precedent, operation risk is high, complication probability is big.After the operation,Moncler Outlet, two liver will form the competition, if a too strong,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, another may atrophy.
But after half a year of observation and nursing, currently two liver peaceful coexistence, good recovery.Yesterday, wife and sister station in the middle,he glanced at me jus, has been restored Wu Yanlin to work happy face.
"We are family,Police have been long to catch criminals looking f, save he should be.We are born in the same year, the same day into the unit, the same blood type, now with a piece of liver."Wu Yanlin and his wife,0more than 1% small,Moncler Pas Cher, write on the face full of happy smiles.

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The class of 26 sponsored students parents died 15 years after

This year,Agricultural University of Hebei 93 (01 ) class Li Baoyuan has died for 15 years .In 15 years, Li Baoyuan class of 26 students received a Li Baoyuan the responsibility on the shoulders ,they sent 15 order and 56 letter ,quietly funding ,Moncler Pas Cher,concerned about Li Baoyuan .
A is not stipulated in the contract, perform over a period of 15 years the truth .15 years quietly perform agreed Chengde Chengde County under the town village board Oolong rocky Li Weihe .
In 1997 June, 93 ( 01) Agricultural University of Hebei fruit tree class graduation party, big Niu Shuqi when the rest of the class ,write down the address .Li Weihe is Li Baoyuan .In 1996 October, Li Baoyuan died of illness ,can not and 26 classmates in University graduates .
His brother died of illness at the age of 21 .A family of 4 ,second only two white-haired man . We have to pipe Baoyuan parents . Niu Shuqi said , every spring,Moncler Outlet, we gave the old man sent money ;is short of money ,just give the old man write a letter .
At that moment, no expression ,no oath ,the class is just silently will address copy on paper ,written in the hand ,Moncler,in my mind .In fact ,as early as in early 1996 ,Li Baoyuan returned to Chengde after the sick leave ,www.doudounemonclereshop.com,26 students began to the suffering of the war home to send money ,write .
Unexpectedly, the classmates send money ,write persisted for 15 years ,so Zhao Liqiang did,until today still continue .The year of the students ,it is old ,under a small age ,some good mixed ,Moncler Jacket,some got good ,but to Baoyuan parents to send money ,in 15 years, almost become a fruiter 93 (01 ) class must do have the spring festival .
Every year before the Spring Festival, there will be money orders from Shijiazhuang ,Baoding ,Handan and even Shanxi, Yuanping sent to Chengde Baoyuan parents .In 15 years, with students all over the country to the true distribution ,also spread to all parts of the country .
After graduation ,students earn less, to Li Weihe is 50 yuan ,100 yuan ,slowly ,to 200 yuan ,300 yuan ,500 yuan ,well-off will send 800 yuan ,1000 yuan .Two years ago, my classmate Yang Zhengwu to buy a house loan ,money is tight, two or three years old not to send money .
The two also on loan ,money and then send .Just married at that time ,she did not understand ;to understand the situation, the daughter-in-law will chase sent money every year . We have to remind ,without supervision ,even after the meeting who will not ask each other .
Fruit tree 93 (01 ) class monitor Du Yanmin told the China Youth Daily reporter ,send money by students individual voluntary .In 2007, 10 anniversary of graduation from the party ,students once again remember the of Li Baoyuan .
The party content ,is to Baoyuan parents to send money .The students will have 1000 multivariate send away Li Weihe .It is the students have only a collective action . One world ,love is eternal in early 1996, Li Baoyuan home from school for illness ,suffering from pain and suffering he is the happiest thing to read a letter from classmate .
In October of that year ,the death of Li Baoyuan .Know the son and between students affectionately ,bereft Li Weihe the sad news to son away .In the letter, the old man told the students fell ill in bed ,Po ,Po mom got seriously ill , although we are thousands of miles apart, but you with Baoyuan between brother and sister love ,sincere assistance ,always flash before my eyes ,warm our hearts .
At the end of the letter ,the old man had told the children : please letters often ,it is in the spirit of give my maximum comfort ! Soon ,Li Weihe received a fruiter 93 ( 01) class all schoolmate .
This letter warm two be reduced to fragments .Since then ,the old man and the 26 students of communication and no interruption .In 1997, Song Caixia wrote to the old classmates in a letter ,that two elderly people as ,mom .
Old son is one of the biggest misfortune ,inner nature is very bitter ,want to say just what to communicate with me ,I am your daughter ,peak ,summit they are also your son ... ... Shortly before leaving the school ,Song Caixia told the two old men , our student life shall come to an end ,after it is not knowable ,but wherever we go, we will always remember, in Chengde there are two of our loved ones .
Classmate Zhang Shumei said ,to a letter from the students ,Li Weihe each letter will return .In the letter, to cure his son the old man said nothing more ,for the children care . Like father ,like son .
In 1998 Zhao Gaofeng wrote to Li Weihe ,first to tell the old man , rice I have the afternoon at 17 out .The old man sent him rice made Zhao Gaofeng very moved . Check things very troublesome ,as Uncle you down to the city several times ,also written several registered letter .
He told the two old men , in fact, you really don ,as long as you like to live well ,we do the heart is steadfast ,nephew . The students each man wrote ,always make the old man in whom pain memories .
So ,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com,we have reduced the frequency to the elderly .In 1999 January, when Tsui Ping in the letter told Li Weihe : we are based on various reasons not always inquire after sb. ,but is there something that needs our hard thing ,a letter ,a phone call ,we will go out .
Letter although less ,but in the Spring Festival to send money ,students not forget the money order finite message ,to old people send good wishes : healthy , happy Spring Festival , have the Spring Festival .
.. ... In mobile phone communication is highly developed today ,the communication is continued until 2011 .Years after graduation from ,classmate Yang Zhengwu gave the old man sighed: in a letter to the years in a hurry,Moncler Outlet, and graduate years ,everything changes ,really not changed only one : the human world love is eternal .
We agreed without the term Li Weihe scant oneself in food and clothes ,over the years to work everywhere ,www.moncleroutletboutique.com,at the beginning of this year is also finally on due to cure his son owed 70000 multivariate debt .
At the age of 66, his greatest wish ,is in the son died in 15 years ,and then have a look these lovely children .Finally ,in the enthusiastic people to help, on March 25th,has for many years, the old man saw cattle Shuqi ,Du Yanmin ,Li Jinggang ,Cui Ping ,The couple spend savings earn money for terminally,Qi Yefeng .
.. ... After being apart a long time in the luncheon, the old man personally read he wrote 93 ( 01) class all schoolmate in a letter : my child ,you have both parents and their children ,but has been missing two and you have no blood relationship in the elderly .
Can you finish ,for he did .In our hearts ,you are my girl ,my son ... ... Read here ,old man calls his name : finish ,you hear ? Hope that the media reported the matter, 93 ( 01) class all schoolmate is initially opposed .
We are all ordinary people ,with ordinary love ,live in their ordinary world .Our ordinary to face the media spotlight . Niu Shuqi tells a reporter ,what is more important, they don let the elderly in an interview again sad events of the past memories .
But when someone says ,media attention may let two old people in later life more secure ,they all agreed ,just keep asking each of reporters do not exaggerate ,truthfully report .Farewell to old man, though Li Weihe repeatedly protest ,students still like all children to parents ,Doudoune Moncler,will collect 2000 yuan forced into Li Weihe pocket .
This summer, will to Chengde visit of two old people . Approaching middle age ,a veteran of a small they agreed with . We agreed without limit, old man one day, we will one day ! Du Yanmin said everybody .

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